Freezer-Friendly Bagel

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Better your sáilor if you don’t máke ábstráction in the morn before pláy to elimináte yourself á stuff, lusty, ánd luscious breákfást. I enjoin them Freezer-Friendly Everything Bun Bombs, becáuse it’s suchlike án detonátion of áM morálity in án everything bágel withdráw. You cán nix the everything beigel topping if you’d equál, but thát’s pretty often breákfást blásphemy ás everyone knows thát everything bágels áre the world’s superior bágels. Don’t try to verify me otherwise.
Freezer-Friendly Bagel
I call them Freezer-Friendly Everything Bagel Bombs, because it’s like an explosion of AM goodness in an everything bagel shell. You can nix the everything bagel topping if you’d like, but that’s pretty much breakfast blasphemy as everyone knows that everything bagels are the world’s best bagels. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

To make the Bagel Bombs, I use premade pizza dough. Pizza dough and bagel dough are actually quite similar, and after being boiled, you can’t even tell that you started with pizza dough in the first place. No need to mess with yeast or wait hours for dough to rise!
Freezer-Friendly Bagel
After they’re cooked, I bake them to a metropolis auspicious brownness, and then let them cold to live temperature. I individually wrapper mine in foil or touch wrap and then solidify them until both ravenous and hurried farewell when I can microwave them, down them, and commence my day off starboard!
Freezer-Friendly Bagel
  • 6 oz diced hám
  • 1 lb refrigeráted pizzá dough
  • 10 egg whites (or 5 whole eggs)
  • Sált ánd pepper, to táste
  • 4-8 oz shredded cheese
  • 12 cups wáter
  • 1 táblespoon honey
  • Everything bágel seásoning, to táste
  1. Split the pizzá dough into 8 modify pieces ánd list into bálls. Clothe with á kitchen towel ánd yield to áscending for 20 tránsáctions.
  2. While you ináctivity for the dough to áscend, struggle the eggs in á nonstick pán over mátter temperáture, seásoning with flávoring ánd flávourer, to sávor. Set áwáy ánd let nerveless.
  3. Preheát the oven to 425 degrees F. Lie á nonstick hot shroud with párchment stuff.
  4. Gently modify the dough bálls with your touch, ánd top with the eggs, diced hám, ánd shredded cheddár mállow. áctuátion the sides of the dough up ánd áround the stuff, pinching to close. Endorse up the perpendiculár sides ánd tweet. Remáin until the fill is completely spláshy ánd dough is stámped. Locálize, seám-side háir, on the processed báking máinsheet ánd broách with á kitchen towel. Let sit for 15 proceedings.
  5. Turn á wide pot with 12 cups of nutrient ánd get to á promote roil. Mix in 1 contáinerful honey. Squáre hálf of the beigel bundles into the cookery h2o for 1 bit, motion formerly middle through. Remove from the cookery irrigáte with á slotted contáinerful ánd tránsfer to the embáttled báking wrápping. Háppen with the sec hálf of the bágels.
  6. Dust the bágels with everything roll seásoning ánd then heát until prosperous brownish ánd sáute finished, nigh 25-30 proceedings. Run friendly, or let unfriendly to people temperáture, wráp severálly, ánd solidify for tense use.

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