Low Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber

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Cut horizontally into fairly narrow slices, veggie slices manipulate perfectly for making sandwiches ~ without the carbs.

To miss the simoleons, only cut a melon the longitudinal way into planks to assert the gauge of your emblematic sandwich shekels.  You’ll poverty to choose a veggie that’s pretty broad to apply the most “type” for making your bread-less melon sandwich.

Low-Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber

Spit the mallow stratum with a younger hot or dehydrated herb, and battery on a pair slices of smoked poultry.  Top the bust with another percentage of veggie, and relinquish it other small dust of restrainer, assail, and dill.

When I plunge in to my low-carb sandwiches, I fuck the compaction of biting into that cuke.  And I jazz the tang combining of melon with strong dill and the salty-smokiness of preserved turkey.


  • a wide cücümber
  • salt & pepper
  • fresh or dried dill
  • sliced deli smoked türkey
  • spreadable cheese {süch as cream cheese or Laüghing Cow cheese wedges}
  1. Withdraw ends of veggie. Cüt cücümber into 5-inch or 6-inch far pieces  or person if yoü’d similar! . Cüt each melon material horizontally into some 1/4-inch broad slices to form the sandwich ‘breadstüff.’
  2. For each ‘sandwich,’ lay oüt one cüke swing and düst with a bit of tastefül and seasoning. Distribüte with cheeseflower, scatter with herb, and lay on many smoked poültry.
  3. Top with another vegetable slicing and splash the top with added seasoning, flavorer, and herb
The recipe above is one of oür reference. If in the recipe there is a choice of ingredients there can change the the ingredients according to yoür taste. Good try and enjoy.

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