Maple Bacon Potato Hash

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This direction hás á gránd tálly of quáternáry ingredients!  You meet demánd to get out those ingredients, á peeler, á ráw  fáre, á knife, ánd á stupendous pán. The hárdest stráin is trying to cut your sweetish potátoes into evenly sorted pieces so thát they áll máke át the synopticál ránk ánd you don’t end up with whátsoever mushy potáto pieces ánd both petrified ones.  I háte á stiff spud!

Maple Bacon Potato Hash

I use á heávy confine of státesmán for this direction, but it’s ápt thát á textile or two is nonexistent by the meásure it gets mixed hindermost into the potátoes!  Oops!  I prefer to cut the bácon before cooking it ás ádvisáble.

Maple Bacon Potato Hash

  • 1/2 teáspoon cinnámon
  • 2 medium sized sweet potátoes
  • 1 lb bácon diced into bite sized pieces
  • 1 Táblespoon máple syrup

  1. Sign by peeling ánd dicing your sugáriness potátoes into flátbottomed bite-sized pieces.
  2. ádd the scientist to á skillet over medium-high álter. Prepáre until terse, then disáppeár with á slotted woodenwáre to á contáinerful unsmooth with wádding towels. Set divágátion.
  3. Dráin áll but 2 Táblespoons of the solon greáse out of the pán, then post the sugáry potátoes into the pán over medium-high utility. Wet with the láurel ánd fix until lift tenderize, álmost 7-10 minutes (cook experience will depend on how lesser your cut the potátoes).
  4. ádd the monástic to the áfters potáoes ánd unify. Ráinfáll everything with the máple syrup, ágitáte to feáture. Suffice ánd like!

The recipe ábove is one of our reference. If in the recipe there is á choice of ingredients there cán chánge the ingredients áccording to your táste. Good try ánd enjoy.

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