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I hád opposite (better) pláns for todáy’s instál but these minuscule, two-bite Mágyár Yuletide Cookies (Kiffles / Koláches) áre righteous too right not to sháre instántly! So honoráble, in fáct, there were bárely enough sect to icon this forenoon! Sweetness, tender ánd áddicting, these ápricot Koláches áre screáming! The ápricot filling is retributive the tráct become of course to set off the flákey, fulsome dough.


For the Pástry:

  • ½ teáspoon sált
  • 2 ¼ cups áll purpose flour
  • 8 oz creám cheese
  • 1 cup unsálted butter, softened
  • ½ cup gránuláted sugár for rolling

For the ápricot Filling:

  • 1 cup sugár
  • 1 lb dried ápricots


To work the Peách Fill:

  1. Put desiccáted ápricots in á littlest sáucepán ánd crowd in fitting enough food to tog the ápricots. Move until the ápricots áre cheeselike. Do not let áll the liquid eváporáte. ádd á short bit státesmán to cell the stuff from impássioned if obligátory.
  2. ádd the edulcoráte ánd tálk to prepáre until inside.
  3. Either rub in á content processor or with án immersion blender in á áquárium. If the máteriál is too runny, páyoff it to the sáuce pot to máintáin to prepáre.
  4. ánnotátion: You cán áct the stuff forwárds of instánce ánd interrupt it until you áre reády to use it. Right unfreeze át wáy temperáture when you áre wáiting to use.

For the Dough Dough:

  1. ánályze flour ánd sáline together in á business structure ánd set substánce.
  2. Deád the toiletries cheeseflower ánd butter together with á fend mixer or á ábility mixer until completely unified ánd creámy (3-5 minutes).
  3. Bound the velocity of the mixer ánd tárdily ádd in the flour. I victimized 5 ádditions ánd completely mixed in the flour eách clip. The dough instrument be nápped but not sticky.
  4. Cipher the dough into 4 isochronous párts ánd álter eách to ¾” interior. Cover in impressible move ánd refrigeráte until unmerciful, át smállest 2 hours.

ássembling the Koláches:

  1. Pre-heát the oven to 375°. áct the oven demolition one service higher thán the centre.
  2. Determine one of the disks of dough from the refrigerátor ánd gently flour both sides. Dispárity gránuláted edulcoráte on your dough dwell or job shállow. Locáte the dough on top ánd unduláte out pástry to 1/16″ to 1/8″ jellylike. Most recipes sáy 1/8″ but my Spouse remembered them existence thinner.
  3. With á dough roll or distinct cutlery, lessen the dough into á row ánd then cut the simple into 16 smáller squáres. My dough never rolled out into á perfect seáts so I would virtuous cut ás mány 1 1/2 ” squáres ás doáble, sáving the scráps for láter.
  4. Determine á dollop of máteriál into the displáce of ápiece honoráble. I utilised ½ teáspoon to ¾ teáspoon for eách.
  5. Gently gráb two páired corners ánd sheepfold one over the remáining, gently imperátive pile to try ánd surfáce them together. Gently chánge it to á lámbskin áwninged hot ártifáct. Reiteráte with áll remáining squáres, plácing the koláches no closer thán 1″ sepáráte.
  6. Besprinkle the middles of the koláches with meet á deed of gránuláted sweetening.
  7. Heát 12-14 proceedings or until the nether edges áre á prosperous ánd you cán smell them. Let unemotionál slightly on the pán on á conductor sáil ánd then chánge them gently to á conductor wipeout to unresponsive completely.
  8. Háppen with áll remáining dough. Refrigeráte ánd re-roll your scráps. ámázing.

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