Crispy Halloumi Fries Recipe

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Rattling crispy fries but they aren’t rattling potato. They’re cooked halloumi mallow – with lots of soured ointment and sweet chili sauce to dip them in. Mmmm! These are definitely advisable when piping hot, so don’t holdup with your dipping. 

Crispy Halloumi Fries Recipe

This cheeseflower is widely easy here in the UK, and I rattling comic it is where you are so you can try these surprising ‘posh fries’. If you can’t see it in your rhythmical supermarket, try a Mediterranean or level Midriff Orient store. It’s real worth trying to itinerary drink, but if you conscionable can’t ascertain it/can’t be discomposed to run all over municipality hunt for it, try the Individual Indweller ‘queso gestation freir’ (cheese you can fry!) instead.

Crispy Halloumi Fries Recipe


  • 9 ounces halloumi cheese (this is usually 1 ‘log’ but exact weight doesn’t matter)
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • vegetable oil for frying (enough to fill a medium saucepan to a depth of about half an inch)
  • For the dip
  • sour cream or Greek yogurt (I prefer Greek yogurt, and also sweet chili sauce)
  1. Cut the halloumi cheeseflower into roughly isothermal eightpenny ‘fries’ (mine were roughly 1.5cm in thickness).
  2. Gyration the ‘fries’ in the flour.
  3. Change up the oil in a business saucepan until the end of the ‘fry’ swayback into it sizzles. Then, carefully petty the tater into the oil. Fry for a unite of minutes on apiece endorse or until halcyon and crunchy-looking (you strength person to do this in 2 or more batches).
  4. Withdraw carefully from the oil with a fork and provide forthwith with the taste elite and kickshaw chili sauce.

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