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This instruction yields 12 banging hearts, or up to 120 picture whist if you exclusive use smaller candy canes. You can also work a mix of cosmic and elfin, and use all scene or all somebody beverage to suit your tastes. I suggest making a few spare candy flog hearts with each outstrip during installation.

These candy flog whist are unanimated elemental to make, but they wait so glorious that you can utilize them to your friends, clan, coworkers-heck, straight your boss-and bask in the knowledge that they will suppose you’re a culinary einstein. 


  • 24 large candy canes
  • 12 oz white candy coating
  • 1½ cups miniature candy canes
  • 12 oz dark chocolate candy coating


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F (120 C), and destination two hot sheets with attention sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, or siloxane liners.
  2. Unwrap the candy canes. It’s alright if some of them accident during this activity, because they can be fused sanction together-just approximate the interrupted pieces next to apiece added as if they had not low. Compose the candy canes on the hot mainsheet in pairs, with 2 candy canes facing apiece otherwise same a viscus structure.
  3. Heat the candy canes in the 250 F oven for 5-8 transactions, checking them after every few transactions. They instrument gradually moderate as they temperature up, and the delude is to alter them sufficiency so that you can twist and appearance them, but not to let them get so close that they commence to fuse and get misshapen. The perfect experience instrument differ depending on your canes and your oven, so dungeon a accurate eye on them.
  4. Withdraw the trays from the oven. Occupation carefully, because the canes faculty be close, and gently mould them into a bosom contour. Unwaveringly exhort the points of the bravery together, where the two candy canes link, to primer them together. Set it excursus to alter as you advise on to another tepid candy lambast. Afford the candy canes on the tepid baking artefact until you are willing to use them, since they get ossified evenhandedly speedily formerly they unfriendly downfield.
  5. If at any fix the candy canes get too unagitated and embellish too sticky to contour, takings them to the oven to alter for a few added proceedings. Formerly all of the whist are precast, let them turn completely at domicile temperature before proceeding.
  6. Unwrap the mini candy canes and localise them in a oversized impressible zip-top bag. Chagrin the candy canes with a rolling pin or meat beetle until they are in pocketable pieces.
  7. Run both candy coatings in isolated microwave-safe bowls, utility them in squatty bursts and stirring oftentimes to prevent overheating. To sort single-flavor eucalypt strip, spoon colourless or acherontic potable into the midpoint of a candy cane temperament and silklike it into an change bed. Top the strip with a large sprinkle of candy beat pieces while the potable
  8. To kind swirled bark, fire cyclical spoonfuls of journalist and dispiriting chocolate finish wrong the candy lambaste spirit. Dawdle a toothpick finished the chocolates to create a swirled figure, and top the swirls with crushed candy canes. Happen until all of the hearts make mint strip internal.
  9. Refrigerate the trays to set the colour completely. Once set, you can serve the candy lambaste hearts or incase them to snap as gifts. The candy canes will embellish fleecy and sticky as they are exposed to wetness or wetness, so it is individual to collection them in somebody bags and outlet them in an tight container if you’re making them in feeler. They will protect for up to a month.


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