Rudolph Cones Make Fun Christmas Treats #christmas #dissert

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Drink waffle cones are decorated with candy antlers and eyes and a big red candy chemoreceptor to face equivalent Rudolph. The guests sex playacting the games and winning fun prizes, most of which are homemade treats.

These Rudolph were so elementary to piss using the jumbo candy eyes and antlers from a Deer Cupcake Decorating Kit from Carpet. I loved big red noses, so I opted to use Mega ninepenny candy coated chocolates instead of the human mixture beans that uprise with the kit, although they would create too.

Ingredients :

  • 12 candy antlers
  • 12 jumbo candy eyes
  • 6 chocolate waffle cones
  • 1-2 ounces melted chocolate or candy melts
  • 6 big round red candies mega candy coated chocolates or red candy melt wafers

Instructions :

  1. Use fusible brown to sequester 2 jumbo candy eyes and 2 candy antlers to apiece waffle strobilus.
  2. Then take a big red candy spout to the tip of each waffle conoid.
  3. To maintain the cones from propulsion around patch the potable dries, set two much candies on either back of the red chemoreceptor. Erstwhile dry, remove the candies.
  4. Alter with your choice candy, popcorn, nuts, or ice emollient.

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