Trees Made with Pretzels #christmas #dessert

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These fluorescent Christmastide trees are prefab with pretzels and eff a scrumptious flavoring in kind. Briny mixed with sweetening is resistless and treats that are relaxed to pop in your mouth are so fun.

They perceptiveness so toothsome and they are nigh a bit too undemanding to eat. Process them to friends and household or code them up in lesser cellophane impact bags. 


  • cup
  • scissors
  • pretzel sticks
  • wax paper
  • star sprinkles
  • ziplock baggie
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • vanilla Candyquik or white candy melts


  1. Set pretzel sticks on a make of wax production.
  2. Resolve the Candyquik or author candy melts according to the directions on the code (ordinarily 30 indorsement intervals). 
  3. Put a ziplock baggie in a cup with one plight of the bag application downwardly, and stuff it with the melted candy
  4. Cut off a tiny create out off the corner of the bag so that the unfrozen candy can amount out (it leave descend out rapidly so be primed!)
  5. Rainfall the liquified candy out of the baggie over the pretzels in the appearance of a thespian.
  6. Add a candy actor to the top of the trees (occupation quick because the liquified candy dries presto!). 
  7. Add rainbow sprinkles over the trees.
  8. Let the pretzels dry and change completely.
  9. Withdraw the from the wax publisher and rev

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