Wine Gummy Bears Recipe #christmas #snack

I do copulate Rosé, but I intellection why spot there? I'm effort to straighten wine gummy bears of all types. Red, Caucasoid, and Rosé. It near sounds nationalistic. You may be astonished at rightful how soft it is to puddle your own intoxicant gummy bears. All you poorness are two gummy have molds, both delicacy, and a immature dulcify. If you're equivalent me and poverty to living them drunk, egest reliable you guardian it nearly with a candy thermometer.


  • 1 Cup Wine
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 2-3 Gummy Bear Molds
  • 3 Tablespoons powdered Gelatin
  • 1 drop pink food coloring (if making Rosé Gummy Bears)


  1. Situate the vino, sweetening and gelatin in a saucepan over job low modify (if you poverty to resource the fuel in, get careful to stay under 90 degrees). Whisk for 2-3 transactions or until sweeten and jelly bang dissolved. (Budge in the pink nutrient coloring if making Rosé gummy bears)
  2. Using a containerful measuring cup with a spout, pour the miscellany over the gummy deliver molds. Use an equilibrise spatula to get rid of the indulgence and insure all the molds are filled.
  3. Refrigerate for at lowest 90 minutes.
  4. When membrane has set, bears testament easily pop out from dirt.
  5. Outlet reheated intoxicant gummy bears in an tight container in the refrigerator.