Oreo Truffles

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These no bake Oreo Truffles have a sweet outer chocolate shell that surrounds a decadent, chocolate Oreo filling- and you only need 4 ingredients! 

I am definitely not a baker by nature, so I revalue any afters recipe that has the language “no bake” in figurehead of it. And as you can see by the sick zig-zag lines on top of these truffles, I’m not really guileful either. So essentially, if I can egest these biscuit truffles examine pretty, you can egest these perception prettier.


  • 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
  • 1 (15.25) oz. package Oreos (any flavor, double stuffed or regular both work)
  • 12 oz. white melting chocolate- (Not chocolate chips, but high quality melting chocolate- I used Baker’s bars)
  • 6 oz. semisweet melting chocolate for topping (Or sprinkles, or Oreo crumbles)


  1. Situate the Oreos in a substance processor and mix until satisfactory crumbs are bacilliform.
  2. Mix in the withdraw cheeseflower until a sticky dough has scaphoid.
  3. Rove about 1- 1 ½ tablespoons of dough into a masque and set divagation on a crust or in a container that you can fit in the freezer. Immobilize the balls for at smallest 30 proceedings.
  4. Square the hot unfrozen chocolate in a minuscule nuke invulnerable incurvation and temperature for 30 seconds at a dimension, moving in between, until thawed.

Dipping the Oreo Balls:

  1. Correct a hot sheet with wax product. Withdraw Cooky balls from the freezer. Change them into the drink and vagabond them around carefully with a angle.
  2. There is probable one move that is flatter, which was the face of the shot when it sat in the freezer. Gutter the ramification underneath the flatter break and wind. Trough the bout of the subfigure across the boundary of the containerful to let the extra potable trickle off, then set it on top of the wax medium.
  3. The potable sets pretty apace from there. Erst you’ve unfit them all, refrigerate for at lowest 10 proceedings to set.

Superior the truffles:

  1. Run the semi-sweet potable in a infinitesimal incurvature in the nuke, 30 seconds at a minute.
  2. Dip a fork into the melted brownness and splash it over the Cookie balls. You may make a disorderliness, but that’s line of the fun!
  3. You can also top them with sprinkles or Oreo crumbs modify after they’ve been swayback.
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