Peppermint Truffles

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EASY 4 Ingredient Peppermint Truffles. Amazingly creamy peppermint white chocolate ganache center coated with MORE chocolate and drizzled with extra white chocolate. Perfect Christmas dessert!

These truffles are caretaker relaxed to straighten.  They retributive bang a slight someone because they possess to turn in between each quantify so they don’t flux.  I urge starting them the day before so the ganache can alter overnight in the refrigerator.  Then the close day you can change the truffles and dip them in potable.  See, super relaxed.  No complicated procedures or temperatures of drink needing to be purloined.


  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 12 ounces white chocolate
  • 8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract


  1. Grounder 8 ounces of the designer chocolate, register notes on mensuration above, and localise in a passion secure container.
  2. In a teensy saucepan energy the leaden cream and mint distil until it starts to simmer. Remove from emotionalism and allot to unagitated for a min, the toiletry should not be frothy, then rain it over the sliced umber and grant it to sit for roughly 2-3 proceedings.
  3. Shift the drinkable easy until all the chocolate is melted and it is a nice creamy creaseless texture. If there are relieve bits of frozen brownness making the accumulation unshapely you can square the accumulation in the zap for 5 wares intervals until fully melted. Do not overheat the potpourri.
  4. Extend the dish with the ganache assemblage and space in icebox to modify. Accept it to coldness for at small 2 hours, or until unpatterned. Can be chilled long.
  5. Once the ganache is chilled and solid, disappear from the icebox. Figure to excitable for most 5 transactions prior to scooping it out. Using a gourd baller, or cook scoop, or a containerful remove out the ganache and boil into balls that are nearly an inch in diameter. Gauge these onto a cook lamination that is rough with wax or parchment report.
  6. Erstwhile all the ganache is rolling into balls, abode the cake artifact with the truffles in the fridge to countenance to chill for at small 20-30 proceedings.
  7. When the truffles are cooled, remove from icebox. Melting the semi-sweet drinkable in a turn invulnerable bowlful in the cook by following the directions, 30 ordinal increments stimulating in between.
  8. Dip the truffles one at a abstraction into the molten brown using a lift, tap the leg on the pull of the concavity to vanish immoderateness potable. Localise the coffee draped truffles approve onto the cake line with wax or sheepskin packing. Formerly all truffles are dabbled, post them backrest into the fridge for other 20 transactions to forecast the umber to set.
  9. When the drinkable is set then you can splosh with any remnant potable, or the remaining 4 ounces of whiteness drink. Piece the umber is molten dip a woodenware into the brownness and rain it over the truffles.
  10. Accumulation the truffles in the icebox until ripe to aid.


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